Interior Design

The industry of interior design in Singapore has evolved tremendously through the years. Interior design and renovation used to be two separate entities but many had transformed to merge the two services into one, creating a one-stop experience for consumers. Earth Interior Design being one of the pioneers in this transformation strives to be one of the top interior design companies in Singapore.

May 28, 2020

Save Money on New Furniture

Busting your budget on new furniture is hardly an ideal way to start enjoying your new home. Here’s how you can furnish your abode for less. Once renovations are done, you have to contend with the difficulties of furnishing. You’ve already spent a bomb, so how can […]
May 22, 2020

Maximise The Value of Your Home

When it comes to renovating your first home, it can be easy to get carried away. If you’re planning to sell your property any time down the road, here are 5 tips to help maximise resale value without compromising too much on aesthetic goals. You […]
May 14, 2020

Best Paint Colours For Apartments And Condos

Modern condo or apartment living is anything but boring. Once you walk in on a bare condo unit, as the owner, you immediately visualize what the color of the walls will be and what furniture goes with it. You imagine all the stylish and tasteful […]
May 6, 2020

Pick the Right Kitchen Countertop Material

Choosing a countertop surface material that suits your lifestyle is the first step to a functional kitchen. Your counters are, after all, where cooking actually happens. We could also argue that your counters are the backdrop and the main event in any kitchen: They take up a lot […]
April 2, 2020

Lower Your Electric Bill

Keep the lights on isn’t low-cost — by no mean thoughts the air-con, furnace and hot water heater. In truth, the everyday household spends an average of $2,200 per 12 months on utilities, in line with the SP Group. Tweaking your utilization can decrease your bill by as a lot as 25%. Maintain studying for tactics to save lots of in your electrical bill. Heating and Cooling Home heating and cooling are 10 of the most important culprits behind hefty utility payments — and one […]
March 23, 2020

Budget for a Home Renovation

After all, there’s a huge distinction between considering and doing. Wish to know what lies within the gap? Your budget. You should plan your budget, save, and home renovation dreams a reality. We’ll show you how! Setting your renovation budget for your project involves doing your research, setting your priorities and the crunching your numbers; it […]
March 15, 2020

Turn Your Master Bedroom into a 5-star Hotel Suite

When designing a visitor room, hotels develop a colour palette and scheme that matches with the resort’s theme or location. Equally, it would be best to develop a plan on your non-public sanctuary that speaks to your inside self. The bedroom is usually a refuge […]
March 6, 2020

Easy Way to Create a Mood Board for Your Home Design

Mood Boards have their place within the Interior Design process as a result of they’re such an eye-catching, compact and informative snapshot of a proposed design. They assist the Interior Designer when speaking his/her design, with their lighthearted show of merchandise, types and colours. AND, […]
February 21, 2020

Download: Renovation Checklist, Budgeting & Planner

Renovation Checklist If you’re planning on investing in renovation or refurbish of your home, it may appear a frightening job when you’re unsure the place to begin. With so many elements that may be improved, it is simpler when you use a renovating a home guideline to provide you with some concepts, relatively than setting off with no plan of action. That is the easiest way of spending cash neatly, […]
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